1. Puppy Day Care

Puppy Day Care

We love puppies and specialize in raising them! Our Puppy Head Start Program is designed to provide puppies 5-months and under with the foundation for becoming stable, loving members of the family. Puppies who enroll into Puppy Day Care are closely supervised and paired with our Mentor Dogs — adult dogs who have been extensively temperament tested and are exceptional with young pups — to further teach them appropriate play behavior and manners. Any rough puppy play is curtailed gently to ensure all interactions remain positive and fun, never scary or overwhelming. We are proud to say that most of our Mentor Dogs are graduates of our Puppy Program themselves!

As a part of their experience at daycare, puppies explore different surfaces, tunnels, toys and equipment designed to build confidence and optimize socialization during their critical socialization period.¬†An electronic report card is provided daily, informing you of who your pup’s friends were, any learning moments that occurred, and any issues that may have come up.

Puppy Boarding is always available! We accept puppies 8-weeks-old and up for both Puppy Day Care and Puppy Boarding.

Our Puppy Day Care program combines:

  • Safe socialization
  • Practice with basic beginning obedience
  • Naptimes and crate training
  • Skilledm gentle handling practice

Please refer to our rates page for pricing. No Behavior Assessment is required for puppies under 12-weeks-old.