Behavior Assessments

We require that all new dogs pass a Behavior Assessment and attend a 90 minute play session before attending Daycare or Boarsding. This allows us to be sure that your dog is comfortable in our facility, within play groups, and with our staff. We conduct our Behavior Assessments by appointment only — they take 30-45 minutes and are free of charge. The play session may be scheduled for the same day as the Behavior Assessment, or on another day within 30 days of your assessment.

The Behavior Assessment consists of brief questions detailing your dogs’ health and behavior history, a handling assessment to ensure that your dog is comfortable being handled by a stranger, and an on-lease meeting with another dog.

When you arrive for your appointment:

  • Please bring your dog’s current vaccination history or vet documents. (we accept titer tests as well)
  • Arrive with your dog on a flat collar or harness and a standard leather, nylon or cotton leash.  No training collars, head collars or Flex-I/retractable leashes please.
  • ** Parking is available in our lot** We request that children under 12 not attend this appointment .