Daycare and Behavior Assessments

Our Daycare program is based on structure and consistency. Our groups are chosen by play style, size,age and activity level. These elements may overlap on a given day. All dogs participate in Naptime from 12-2pm, with lunches and special snacks offered during this time. In addition, all dogs are bedded down in crates. It is important for the dogs to get an opportunity to rest and recharge for the afternoon activities. It is for this reason that we require dogs to be crate trained. This means that each dog is comfortable and able to settle quietly for this two hour rest period. (puppies under 5 months in the Puppy Head Start Program will receive ongoing crate training). Dogs are handled in a positive fashion with an emphasis in training them well to be mannered as well as have a great time. New dogs must attend a Behavior Interview to ensure social compatibility. There is no charge for this visit, however each new dog’s behavior status is good for 30 days. After 30 days, another Behavior Interview must be scheduled if your dog has not attended daycare or stayed with us for boarding.

When you arrive for your appointment:

Please bring your dog’s current vaccination history or vet documents. We accept titer tests as well

Arrive with your dog on a flat collar and standard leather,nylon or cotton leash. No harnesses or Flexi or retractable leashes please

Please avoid vet or grooming visits before your appointment.

Please be on time-we schedule this appointment to get to know you and your dog and arrange our day to do so. We cannot accomodate late arrivals.

Parking is available in our parking lot adjacent to our building. Please park in Pride and Pedigree parking spaces only.