Puppy Head Start

We love puppies and specialize in raising them! Puppies in our Head Start Program explore dfferent surfaces,tunnels, toys and equipment just for puppies designed to build confidence and optimize socialization during the critical Socialization Period. The Puppy Heardtart Program is designed to

provide puppies 5 months and under the foundation for becoming stable, loving members of the family.

Our Puppy Head Start program combines:

  • Safe socialization
  • Basic Beginning Obedience
  • Nap Times and Crate Training
  • Skilled handling focusing on muzzle, paw, and tail handling in a gentle positive manner.

We also provide Mentor Dogs to further teach puppies appropriate canine behavior-they are better at it than we are! Any rough puppy play is curtailed gently to ensure all interactions remain positive and fun, never scary or overwhelming. An electronic report card is provided at days end informing parents who your pups friends were, any learning moments that occurred, lost baby teeth and any issues. We are proud to declare that most of our current Mentor Dogs were once Puppy Head Start students!~

Please refer to our rates page for pricing.