Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

Pride and Pedigree is located in Concord, CA.  Our facility is over 6,000 Squate feet of climate controlled space for your dog’s comfort. We use 100% environmentally conscious cleaning products and supplies and take part in recycling programs.

Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding guests are on the same schedule, socializing with one another throughout the day. Nap time for all dogs is from 12-2 PM, with younger and senior dogs taking additional breaks as needed. Your dog’s day is customized to its own individual needs.

All dogs are offered:

  • Filtered Water
  • Human-Grade Treats (if allowed)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Flower Essences (We will provide a menu of essences)

Our playgroups are small, with intensive staff guidance to ensure appropriate interactions. This allows us to give each dog more attention and really know each dog as an individual.  Manners and basic obedience are at the core of our day to day operations.

Our play areas are divided according to dog sizes, age and play styles and feature high quality, insulated rubber flooring to further aid in providing comfort and safety for your dog.

In an effort to keep the dogs calm and stress-free, we require the following:

  • All dogs must pass a Behavior Assessment before attending daycare or staying for boarding. In addition, new dogs needing boarding must attend Dog Daycare for a Half-Day to ensure they are comfortable and adjusted to our environment prior to your departure. To schedule a Behavior Assessment please complete our New Client Questionnaire
  • All dogs must be friendly, social and willing to interact with staff and other dogs during the Behavior Assessment
  • All dogs must be crate trained (quiet, comfortable, and able to easily settle for a minimum of 2 hours).  We use crates for nap-time and overnights as most dogs are accustomed to sleeping in them rather than in a “kennel run”
  • For the safety of all dogs in attendance, we cannot accommodate dogs with a history of aggression or climbing or jumping fences.
  • Dogs 8 months and older must be spayed or neutered


For those “party animals”, Pride and Pedigree is available for “pup parties”, as well as seminars and events.  Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Location and Hours:

Pride and Pedigree
1700 East St. Concord, CA. 94520
(925) 446-4605

Monday – Friday
7 AM – 12 PM
2 PM – 7:30 PM
(*We are closed from 12 PM – 2 PM for naptime!*)

Saturday and Sunday
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
3 PM – 6 PM
(*We are closed from 11:30 AM – 3 PM*)