Lisa and Carolyn
"At our first obedience class, our puppy Mabel was so scared that she crawled under the chairs and wouldn't come out. The instructor recommended that we put her in dog day care so that she could spend time socializing with dogs. We met with Kelli and the Pride and Pedigree staff and they immediately put us at ease that Mabel would be in good hands. They gave her individualized attention and set out a plan for Mabel to become comfortable with other dogs at her own pace. By the end of the first week, Mabel was playing with various other dogs and looked as happy as could be! She loves going to day care and runs inside as soon as the door opens. We like being at work and knowing that she is getting love and exercise. We recommend Pride and Pedigree to everyone we meet!

Thanks for taking such good care of Mabel!"
Laura and Danny Allen
"Kelli and her team are always so accommodating and welcoming to our terrier-mix, Little Hawk. As if his bouncing enthusiasm and just-try-to-hold-me-back attitude as we approach the entrance isn't enough endorsement, we were recommended to Pride and Pedigree by our VERY well-respected and knowledgeable trainer. The whole experience, from the initial intake to the sweet, informative daily reports has been phenomenal. We had tried other facilities, but we feel most confident leaving our much-loved dog in the trustworthy hands of Pride and Pedigree."
Raul and Buster
"I was in a quandary regarding the health issues and care for Buster, my 10 year old boxer. He was requiring more attention throughout the day and I wasn't sure that a dog walker would be enough. One day, as I was driving to work I discovered Pride and Pedigree. Since December 2006, Buster has been attending daycare nearly on a daily basis. He loves it and it gives me peace of mind to know that he's being watched for by Kelli and her team because they're so caring, committed, professional and friendly! They've even alerted me to issues regarding his health that I had not caught. Pride and Pedigree is a great place and I recommend them to all my fellow dog parents."
Irene and Clyde
"We have been bringing our wire fox terrier to Pride and Pedigree for 5 months, Monday through Friday. Milou was a stray puppy when we took her in. She had lots of puppy energy, and she needed to be socialized. We've found that Milou continues to have a very good temperament around young children and other dogs, which we attribute in part to her daily care at Pride and Pedigree. Pride and Pedigree provides a level of personalized attention and professional oversight that is rare. We completely trust Kelli to care for Milou and she gives us daily report cards on her progress.

Milou loves going to Pride and Pedigree and seeing all her friends. We highly recommend Pride and Pedigree to anyone looking for professional dog day care and training."
Shannon and Doug
"We've been going to Pride and Pedigree for a few months now. We have two high energy, young dogs that need ‘stuff to do’. After the first week at Pride, we realized it was different. Our dogs are always eager to get through the door of Pride for a day of activities. At the end of the day, we pick up balanced and settled dogs. What makes Pride different? Pride's professional approach, its personalized care, and the value added services set it apart from other facilities. As part of your daycare fee, Kelli does agility and obedience training with the dogs!!! That, coupled with Kelli's experience – she worked at Guide Dogs School for the Blind for many years – makes Pride our provider of choice. Thank you, Pride, for treating our dogs as one of your own!"
Belinda and Val (Mona says woof)
"How do we love you? Let me count the ways! Professional, fun, positive, caring, consistent, attentive, detail oriented and totally darling! Each and every one of the staff at Pride and Pedigree displays a commitment to providing a safe and fun day at doggie day care for our 9 month old bulldog, Mona. She jumps from the car every morning and has no second thoughts of leaving me at the door. She is obviously happy to be there and feels well loved and cared for by Kelli and the crew. Innovative play toys involving ice help keep her cool on hot days – an important bonus for a panting bully! We feel so lucky to have found Pride and Pedigree when we did. Mona has been going for about 4 month now and we could not be happier with the level of care and attention she receives. Kudos to all the staff and a gracious woof for your doggie charisma!"
"We love our Swiss Mountain Dog ‘Floyd’ very much and it is very important to us that we can bring him to a day care center where we know they will take great care of him. This is why we bring him to Pride&Pedigree. Their friendly staff is very competent with dogs and respects the specific needs of Floyd. We feel very comfortable bringing him to Pride&Pedigree and most important, Floyd loves to go there."
Noelle & Quinn (AKA Hurricane Quinn)
"Pride and Pedigree has saved my sanity. It was a lengthy search to find the perfect dog for me, and when she came along it was in the height of my busy season at work. Most days it was a mad dash to go home at lunch to let her out and play with her, maybe practice a little training. Then another dash home after work to feed her, and walk her, and spend time training. By the time I was done, and she was calm enough, my own dinner was just not happening until late in the evening, if at all. Quinn has been spending her time with Kelli and her team for the past few months and she always comes home happy and exercised, giving me a chance to just hang out with her and play at home. I also get to avoid coming home to the kitchen disasters of Hurricane Quinn. Thanks to Pride and Pedigree I can achieve a little better work-life balance!"
Stacey Wells
"This is our first dog and we're really happy with the care she receives at Pride and Pedigree. We know that she's in good hands, getting the right amount of play, rest and personal attention whether she's there for a day or overnight. We really appreciate all that Kelli, Julienne and John do for all the dogs in their care, and know our dog is a better companion because of the time she spends at Pride and Pedigree."
Tom, Tracy and Maggie
"We lucked out when we found Kelli and her staff at Pride and Pedigree. The facility is spotless, the care is tremendous, Kelli is highly qualified and deeply knowledgeable. Maggie trots in without a backward glance. Besides, all her friends are there!"
Mary and Patrick
"After meeting Kelli and hearing about the daily routine at Pride and Pedigree, I knew that her facility would be the perfect day care for my shy and sensitive dog, Patrick. Kelli's vast dog handling skills, her concern for the well- being of her four-legged clients, and her calm demeanor are just some of the attributes that make her exceptionally qualified to run a day care. Pride and Pedigree rates two thumbs up from me and four paws up from Patrick!"
Susan, Bill and Jackson
"Knowing that Kelli was a former employee of Guide Dogs for the Blind our assumption was that she would be a sensitive, compassionate and knowledgeable person. We couldn't have been more correct!

Kelli's expertise is clearly exhibited at Pride and Pedigree. Her experience has allowed her to open up an amazing facility for our beloved dogs.

She manages (along with her staff) the dogs in small play groups of around 7-10 that are constantly supervised. Between playing games, chewing on Kongs, occasionally watching movies (while lounging on his favorite fire truck) he is receiving bully rubs. Our dog Jack couldn't be happier!

Jacks has been with Pride and Pedigree since opening day and he continues to smile when we drop him off and pick him up!

It is such a secure feeling leaving Jack 3 times a week with Pride and Pedigree-it is obvious that his needs are being met and that he is in a happy, safe and truly loved in a clean and pet friendly environment."
Sandra Mannion, C.P.D.T.
"Kelli Danielsen has a unique combination of animal care experience that give her an unparalleled level of knowledge in her field. Her long professional history with dogs allows her to offer clients the rare combination of acute behavioral insight and well honed handling skills that are rarely seen in dog day care facilities. Her sensitive nature and empathy toward animals is reflected in her conscientious approach to health, diet and the whole dog. Her quest for continued education provides her with a constant influx of information from which her clients and their dogs can greatly benefit. I would not hesitate to leave my own dogs in Kelli's care or to recommend her to my own training clients."
Susan Stark and Alan Novidor
"We have been clients of Kelli's at Pride and Pedigree since even before the day she first opened her doors. We've been grateful ever since. Each time we drop off Sammy, our Maltese, he seems excited to get in the door. When we pick him up at the end of the day he's always in a happy mood. His days there are filled with wonderful play, exercise and romps with other small dogs. We greatly appreciate Kelli's attention to making sure that each individual dog is getting the care it needs. She has created an environment where the dogs are safe and enjoy an enriching day care experience. We are delighted we found her and enthusiastically recommend Pride and Pedigree."
Todd Czarnecki, DVM
Tender Care Vet Hospital, San Rafael, CA
"I couldn't recommend or believe in Kelli's abilities more. She has vast experience with dogs that I personally witnessed as a veterinarian working along her side. I would entrust her to take care of my own canine family members, both in health and in sickness. Her devotion and commitment to the well being of dogs is second to none. She is a natural caregiver, and an astute observer that is as humble, honest and thorough as anyone I have ever met. She has found her calling, and I know all the dogs she cares for can feel that."
Linda Cleary
"I have known Kelli for six years. We worked together at Guide Dogs for the Blind until she opened Pride and Pedigree. She has exceptional communication skills, a wonderful sense of humor, and knows everything about dogs! We've taken our new Lab puppy to Pride and Pedigree at least once a week since we got him in September 2007. I was nervous about taking Guinness to doggie day-care and a bunch of strangers.. After one visit to Pride and Pedigree, I was sold. After watching the great interaction of the entire staff with the animals, it was clear to me that Guinness would be extremely well cared for and would enjoy his stay. Now, when we get off the freeway on our way to Pride and Pedigree, Guinness excitedly wags his tail and has little cries of joy. I honestly believe he'd be happy to go every day! Although we live in Alamo, the drive to Pride and Pedigree is worth every mile. I have complete confidence in the staff and love that our Lab is so happy spending his day with canine playmates and humans that love and understand him."
The Pendleton Clan
"I just want to let you know that the support from Pride and Pedigree is wonderful. We brought Penny Lane to Pride and Pedigree after the facility was recommended to us by Gobi's family. Since we both work full time it was great to learn that there was a place we could take Penny during the day where she would be cared for, given a safe place to play, socialize with other dogs, have our training reinforced in a safe and positive manner, and not to mention that we get a happy exhausted puppy at the end of the day. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and works hard to ensure the safety and training for all the puppies. I actually think Penny Lane knows now when we are coming to P&P as she seems to get excited – I know “dogs live in the moment” but when we pull up, Penny knows where we are and runs to the door quite happily!

Thank you to all of you for being there for Penny and for us!"
Cathi and Danny
"I wanted to thank Pride and Pedigree for doing such a great job with Danny. We had friends over for New Year's Eve and I worried that he might become territorial. This was the first time we had company since he's been with us and they brought their dog.

Danny was a perfect little gentleman. He even let Bianca (an Afghan Hound) sleep in his bed, chew on his bully stick drink out of his water bowl. I was so proud of him. Thanks so much for taking good care of him and getting him well socialized."
Madeline Puccioni
"We are so grateful to you and your fine staff… KiKi had some real fear/aggression issues at dog parks some months ago - she would snap at any dog who approached her, and would never socialize. But now, since she's been going to P & P, she's really a different pup - she is much more playful and relaxed, and interacts with dogs of every size… she responds to my ‘be nice’ much better, as well. Thank you all for your training and care!

"Pride and Pedigree is our Ender's (mini poodle & terrier mix) second home. I don't have enough good things to say. As an only child, Ender needs and loves his weekly social dates with all the other sweet P & P pups. And I love the fact that they have a expert groomer on site. All in all, I give P & P a 10 out of 10 on all fronts. Keep it up :)"